All About School Finance: a Conversation with Allovue

Does school finance feel like a black box? Are you having trouble finding reliable resources for the inside scoop? This episode is for you! We chat with two experts in the field: Jess Gartner, CEO & Founder, and Jason Becker, Chief Product Officer of Allovue, a portfolio companies of Rethink Education. Allovue works with K-12 […]

Our Teachers Are Leaving — What Now?

Our Teachers Are Leaving — What Now? Amanda Beaudoin

By Amanda Beaudoin A look at the problem and potential solutions. You are an elementary school student. You squeeze into your desk in an overcrowded classroom while an adult you have never seen before stands in front of your class — yet another substitute teacher filling in since your teacher left last month.

Is Food Still Hot?

Brad Jakeman & Rini Greenfield, Co-Founders & Managing Partners, Rethink Food Excerpt from September 2022 Newsletter A recent report by Pitchbook generated wide media attention suggesting that Food Tech as a sector may be experiencing a slowdown. Let’s get into that first! Pitchbook reported that in the second quarter of 2022, the overall transaction value […]

Expanding Access to Higher Education: A Chat with Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation

On the latest episode of the Rethinking Education Sessions, Matt Greenfield and Amanda Beaudoin sit down with Jamie Merisotis, the President and CEO of Lumina Foundation. Lumina Foundation is the nation’s largest private foundation committed solely to enrolling and graduating more students from colleges. The Foundation is also a good friend and LP of Rethink […]

FoodTech Landscape

Brad Jakeman & Rini Greenfield, Co-Founders & Managing Partners, Rethink Food Excerpt from the June 2022 Newsletter We continue to see an acceleration of the disruption and reinvention of the entire global food system. Led by disruptive founders, enabled by advanced digital technology, the food system is evolving to be more sustainable, nutritious and accessible at scale. […]

2021 Rethink Education Impact Report

Rethink Education Impact Report 2021

July 2022 marks the tenth anniversary of Rethink Education. It seems like a good moment to look back over this decade for patterns and lessons. Read about our impact, our investment thesis and about our portfolio companies, and more, in our latest Rethink Education Impact Report.

A Conversation with Aaron Friedland about Literacy and Access to Education

Today we are joined by Aaron Friedland, Founder & Executiver Director of the Simbi Foundation and Founder and CEO of Simbi. The Simbi Foundation is a nonprofit focused on providing quality education to refugees through its portable solar-powered classrooms. Simbi is a seed-stage edtech startup developing tools to help students learn to read through the […]

2020 Rethink Education Impact Report

Rethink Education Impact Report 2020

In 2020 the pandemic changed education around the globe. People of any age trying to learn anything struggled with grief; terror; loneliness; anger; hunger; homelessness; racist policies and budgets and the constant spectacle of violence by racists, uniformed and otherwise; lack of a quiet, private place; lack of computing devices; lack of connection to the internet; lack of accommodations for special needs; […]

How Kim Smith is Accelerating Digital Innovation and Equity in K-12

Today we talk with Kim Smith, Executive Director of the League of Innovative Schools, a national network of forward-thinking education leaders who are striving to improve student outcomes through the smart use of learning technologies and innovative practices. Throughout her career Kim has worked to improve digital access and tools in education and to create […]