Expanding Access to Higher Education: A Chat with Jamie Merisotis of the Lumina Foundation

On the latest episode of the Rethinking Education Sessions, Matt Greenfield and Amanda Beaudoin sit down with Jamie Merisotis, the President and CEO of Lumina Foundation. Lumina Foundation is the nation’s largest private foundation committed solely to enrolling and graduating more students from colleges. The Foundation is also a good friend and LP of Rethink Education. Merisotis has committed his career to increasing educational opportunities among historically underrepresented populations. Under his leadership at Lumina, the foundation has been working towards the goal that by 2025, 60% of Americans will hold high-quality degrees, certificates, and other credentials. In this podcast episode, Merisotis talks with the Rethink team about his life before joining Lumina, Lumina’s strategies for expanding access to and attainment of higher-education, how Lumina thinks about equity, and more.

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