Rethink is an umbrella platform that oversees and facilitates the development of a suite of impact investment vehicles that focus on financial and social returns that include gender equity, education, health, environmental sustainability, economic empowerment and community development.

Every child deserves to read at grade level.
A stealth startup upskilling front-line workers and unlocking opportunities for them
Focused on neurodivergent students.
With PeerTeach, every student gets 1-on-1 help from a peer.
Low interest education loan providers for students' education, career, and skills development.
The ultimate leadership toolkit designed to help managers understand what makes their employees tick.
Identifies the right academic experts in 24 hours to help organizations build and grow.
Cell-cultured meat intended to help economically scale sustainable meat production.
Full time jobs for part-time workers.
Unlocking accessible, high-quality education across the world through blockchain & a learn-and-earn protocol.
The new way to job search.
Agriculture has the power to reverse climate change.
Identifies the hidden compounds in plants that can impact health & brings these bioactives to market across industries.
Creating a learning community virtually
Powering the next generation of sustainable brands.
Find and book same-day doctor visits.
Increase attendance with proven, personalized nudges.
Talent software for the deskless workforce.
Futureproof your workforce through education.
Getting EV charging stations and people back to work!
A person can’t be who they haven’t seen.
Rethinking Nashville – Tennessee
Part podcast studio, part magical refuge.
A dedicated care professional to support you and those you love.
Unleashing the promise of plant-based foods.
Connecting African digital designers with US companies for remote work.
Subscription-based online learning enrichment platform for Spanish-speaking kids
Ready-made meals from local chefs, where good nutrition meets great taste.
Homebuying made simple.
Pathway program innovating to change the way we source and train early-stage STEM talent.
Powering access to real-world coding experiences and world-class tech companies.
Leading software & booking service for the moving industry.
A live, accredited, virtual high school.
A talent solutions technology company creating data science competitions, assessments and training
GetSetUp is on a mission to help those over 55 learn new skills, connect with others, and unlock new life experiences.
Academic Sharing Platform for Higher Ed students to take classes across institutions
Innovative "fee-for-service" model for OPMs (online program management).
Vivvi provides employer sponsored child care for companies of all sizes
Innovative technology to upskill and empower language learners for the jobs of the future.
Gathering and contextualizing agricultural data for all to understand.
Business marketplace for imperfect & surplus produce
Builds enduring and trusted relationships between banks and their customers.
Providing high-quality online training and credentialing for in-home caregivers
Providing high-quality online training and credentialing for in-home caregivers
Offers easy, low cost retirement savings plans for businesses and individuals.
Now students don't have to choose between a liberal arts degree and tech skills.
Enables foster children to get placed in safe homes faster
The Degree Progression Platform for Student Centric Colleges
Learning to Read, Reinvented with AI
Crush your debt. Fuel your future.
Online Forms, Medical and School Trip Management
Workplace Training, Redefined
Sharing data responsibly, securely, and ethically is a challenge.
The smart way to launch your college career.
Next generation of standardized testing
Addressing training and employment challenges in the healthcare industry
Health & wellness education platform helping students thrive in the world
Invest local everywhere
Data and discounts to implore your health
Take the guesswork out of mental health
Expanding access to mobile on-demand micro-tutoring
Creating an online learning platform that teaches job-critical software skills through interactive project-based learning and real-world simulations
Revolutionizing access to 360° VR learning experiences
Helping higher ed institutions to improve retention and graduation rates through tech-enabled mentorship programs
Smart water data
Biggest marketplace for childcare and early education
Creating greater price and value transparency in higher education
Conversational AI for college success
Education as a benefit
Radically changing medicine
Partnering with colleges to provide a virtual learning center for students, including a range of interventions that help students to stay on track
Real-time formative assessment and student response system for digital classrooms
Helping students to learn 3D design skills in an engaging way using AR and VR
Analytics platform for IVF success and affordability
Enterprise training program translating important work knowledge into Lessons that accelerate productivity
Creating flexibility in the workforce
A platform where people can start infant and toddler programs and preschools out of their homes
Digital assessment of cognitive & emotional function
Reimagining play
Investing platform designed for women
Pay-as-you-go tech for off-grid energy
Reimagining higher education for the tech sector
Building businesses transforming higher education.
A micro-learning platform designed to help employees retain information needed to perform well on the job
Helping K-12 school districts to address truancy through effective interventions
Preparing students for entry-level sales roles at tech companies through virtual training and mentorship
Refining real-world skills through short online courses for those in the creative and digital industry
Virtual assistant for independent educations and tutors
Enabling teachers and education professionals to create smart, flexible master schedules
Bringing coding to your students through the most engaging curriculum & learning environment
A Continuing Education Program Manager (CEPM) for the world’s leading universities
Improving K-12 students' grammar by personalizing content to engage each student
Bringing transparency, speed, control and savings to the procurement process in districts, public and charter schools.
MissionU offers a one-year program that gives students the skills and experience needed to launch a successful career.
The world's most robust labor market analytics guiding businesses, educators, and communities through complex talent and workforce challenges.
Online training focused on skill development in software, IT administration and web security
Global education provider that applies the science of learning to create innovative solutions to improve education outcomes around the world
Partnering with top colleges and universities to bring their degree programs and courses online.
Patented digital learning platform creating highly engaging and effective personalized English courses at scale using leveled content from everyday media sources.
Offering affordable, self-paced, high quality online gen-ed courses for college credit
Provides student loans in to high-achieving, low-income students lacking access to traditional credit sources.
Collecting, tracking and showcasing achievements through a digital portfolio to enable continued success.
Helping general and neurodiverse populations live healthier, happier, more productive lives through solutions that change the face of behavioral health.
Tech platform that creates movements
Next generation operating system that turns any computer into a Chromebook.
Diagnostic & preventive therapy program for cognitive decline
Provides continuing medical education to practicing physicians
Finding, organizing, and managing educational content and analyzing efficacy and student engagement
Making K-12 learning visible
Where thinkers become creators in the new economy
Helping students master academic content and boil core literacy skills
Online learning platform for critical life skills
Connect the right learning resources to the right students at the right time
Help English language learners realize their highest aspirations
Blended Learning Solutions for the K-12 Market place.
A lifelong learning platform built for today's workers.
Providing transparency and accountability to the emerging marketplace of coding bootcamp providers.
Online & mobile fundraising platform for social enterprises
A student success intelligence platform for colleges and universities.
Online petition platform for change
Use your professional skills to make a difference
A business intelligence platform for K-12 school and district operations.
Supporting national and state governments by creating powerful technology-enabled education systems.
Software that helps districts connect their budgetary spending to student outcomes
Creating environmental intelligence for air quality
Striving to restructure the nature of incarceration through modern digital tools needed to personalize the treatment, education, and rehabilitation of the incarcerated.