Our Rebrand

Inside Seavest’s rebranding to Rethink Capital Partners

Seavest embraces a new name, keeps the people and the purpose

By Rethink Capital Partners Team

We’re excited to share that Seavest Investment Group and Rethink Capital Partners are uniting under a single name: Rethink Capital Partners. Each of our strategies will display the Rethink branding; most notably Seavest Healthcare Properties will now be called Rethink Healthcare Real Estate. This change reflects the direction our firm has been headed for years and is intended to signal how we operate under one umbrella.

While our name is evolving, our team and business remain the same. We have always been financially driven investors rooted in a social mission. Our two businesses, real estate and venture capital, were developed in parallel, but both approaches focused on addressing large and pressing market needs. Over time, it became clear that the “Rethink” name more clearly communicated our values and approach as a firm.

For our team, this change reflects what our company has been doing for a long time. Seavest has been making investments in healthcare real estate for more than 20 years. Our buildings are more than just modern and cost-efficient spaces — they are strategically located in areas that allow patients to access the level of care one might expect in a major city, but closer to home.

Our venture capital work started with our team’s passion for education and investing in individual companies in the sector. As those investments had successful outcomes, we expanded our activities and in 2012 launched Rethink Education. This experience showed us that we could also leverage our back-office services, including our compliance function, to support external partners looking to launch new funds—which led to the start of Rethink Impact, now the largest fund in the country investing in female CEOs tackling the world’s greatest challenges.  

More recently, we identified additional partners and Rethink Food and Rethink Community were born. Rethink Community was the first step in bringing together our explicit impact investment work with our institutional real estate business. As that partnership grew, the lines between Seavest and Rethink began to dissolve, and the need to formally unite the brands became clear.

We believe that Seavest has earned a reputation as a firm with an authentic, deliberative approach to investing. We have built deep industry relationships and a distinguished track record. Our team is our strength, and this rebrand clarifies that Seavest and Rethink are and have been operating as one company. More importantly, our work acknowledges that problems must be solved holistically: families need access to education, nutrition, healthcare, housing, clean air and water, and economic mobility. By touching on all these elements, our investments uplift communities as a whole and mutually reinforce one another.