A Conversation with Aaron Friedland about Literacy and Access to Education

Today we are joined by Aaron Friedland, Founder & Executiver Director of the Simbi Foundation and Founder and CEO of Simbi. The Simbi Foundation is a nonprofit focused on providing quality education to refugees through its portable solar-powered classrooms. Simbi is a seed-stage edtech startup developing tools to help students learn to read through the method of reading while listening. In this episode, we will dive into Aaron’s childhood struggle with dyslexia and how that led to two advanced economics degrees and extensive research which eventually morphed into Simbi and the Simbi Foundation and a lifelong passion of helping make literacy and education more accessible. We will learn much more about how both organizations work and how we can get involved in the fight for quality education.


In today’s episode:

·         Simbi

·         Simbi Foundation

·         Impact in the 21st Century Podcast

·         Books mentioned: Island by Aldous Huxley; Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

·         Startups mentioned: Skills UnionGradely